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        Straight PE-Steel Adapter

        Short Description:

        Follow the GB 26225.2 Standard

        According to customer requirement,the

        length can be adjusted,and the steel pipe

        end can be changed such as thread and


        The surface of steel pipe default to primary

        corrosion protection.3PE anti-corrosion is high

        level corrosion protection if customer needs.

        Product Detail

        Product Tags


        Items?NO. Spec.
        SPSA2527 DN25-27/240
        SPSA3227 DN32-27/240
        SPSA3234 DN32-34/240
        SPSA4034 DN40-34/240
        SPSA4042 DN40-42/240
        SPSA5034 DN50-34/240
        SPSA5042 DN50-42/240
        SPSA5048 DN50-48/240
        SPSA6334 DN63-34/240
        SPSA6342 DN63-42/240
        SPSA6348 DN63-48/240
        SPSA6357 DN63-57/240
        SPSA6360 DN63-60/240
        SPSA7576 DN75-76/305
        SPSA9076 DN90-76/305
        SPSA9089 DN90-89/305
        SPSA11089 DN110-89/305
        SPSA110108 DN110-108/305
        SPSA110114 DN110-114/305
        SPSA160159 DN160-159/330
        SPSA200159 DN200-159/330
        SPSA200219 DN200-219/350
        SPSA250219 DN250-219/350
        SPSA250273 DN250-273/350
        SPSA315273 DN315-273/400
        SPSA315325 DN315-325/400
        SPSA355325 DN355-325/430
        SPSA355377 DN355-377/400
        SPSA400402 DN400-402/444
        SPSA400406 DN400-406/444
        SPSA400426 DN400-426/444




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